Sean McKelven (Director of Marital Arts & Self-defense) has been studying Hung-Ga Kung Fu for over 10 years.  His Sifu is Pedro Cepero Yee of the Clifton Branch of Yee’s Hung-Ga Kung Fu Academy. His love for martial arts started when he was 5 years old and began watching Kung Fu movies with his father.  Since then, he has become an accomplished gymnast, teaching gymnastics to children at the YMCA and, has worked as a personal trainer before turning all of his attention to the development of his martial skill.
He dedicated himself to acquiring the necessary paperwork needed to be a certified Yee’s Hung-Ga Kung Fu instructor; traveling back and forth to New York and New Jersey from Philadelphia to study and test for each level of accomplishment until reaching his Jo Gow or Black Belt level on May 13, 2006 thus earning the title “Sifu”.  He now teaches group classes at Maranatha Church in Darby and he and his assistant teach weekly classes at Temple University.  He also maintains several private students.
Sean is also a strong advocate of holistic health.  He has acquired a wealth of knowledge concerning health and nutrition and is dedicated to sharing this with others.  He has specifically set out to educate the Church, minorities and others who suffer from diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure since his mother succumbed to diabetes related complications in 2000.  He now concentrates on the physical and dietary changes necessary for the prevention of these diseases and offers this information to his students and to church groups in Philadelphia and surrounding areas.
Sean McKelven is a hardworking individual with a full understanding of Seedtime and Harvest.  He fully committed to his training and he now reaps the benefits of his hard work, physically and personally.  He longs to share Hung-Ga Kung Fu with others to give them the opportunity to learn a legitimate system rich in legacy and history.  He has observed how learning a martial art can increase self esteem, confidence, and character as well as promote physical strength, health and vitality.  His goal is to make Hung-Ga Kung Fu available to people of all ages, sexes and levels of ability and to promote health, nutrition and development for all people.

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President and Chairman Of  the Board
Director of Fitness and Nutrition
Vice President
Director of Dance Operations
Director of Martial Arts and self-defence
James G. Tyler Jr. (President and Chairman of the Board & Director of Fitness and Nutrition) became a licensed minister at age twenty-one under the late Shirley L. Young, Pastor of the Christian Vision Center (COGIC).  About the same time, he received a full football scholarship to Virginia Union University, and earned a BA in Religious Studies with a minor in Music.
    In college, while pursuing a career in the ministry, James also became an outstanding football player under Coach Wilard Bailey (the winningest coach in the CIAA). He was a four year starter, and became a pre-season All American and All Conference player as a defensive end. He was the recipient of the Charles Wilson Outstanding Player Award in 2000, CIAA player of the week twice and was named player of the month by the Athletes for Jesus Organization.
    Several NFL teams including the Jacksonville Jaguars, Pittsburgh Steelers, Carolina Panthers, and the New York Jets scouted James. Then, he was sidelined with a severe knee injury and was not able to return to NFL form.  However, God had a master plan in mind. James played in the Arena Football League (AFL) for the Norfolk Nighthawks and the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Pioneers.  He accepted a contract to play for the Orlando Predators also, but decided to return to Philadelphia to be with his family and ministry.
    Led by the Lord, the vision of CAMP was received in 2000, and the seed was planted.  Then, while playing in the AFL, James was asked to work with youth groups in academics, self-esteem, fitness, and spiritual relationships with Christ.  Thus, the seed began to grow.
    When James returned to Philadelphia, he began working again with Christian Vision Center as a Youth Minister.  After the death of Pastor Shirley L. Young, the mantle was passed to Maggii Nosirrah with a new vision (Sanctuary of Praise and Worship Church International).  Under the new pastor, James was ordained as Youth Pastor and International Minister with the Soul Saving Station Christ Crusaders of America International by Presiding Bishop and General Overseer, Bishop Robert I. Winley and Board. He served as Youth Pastor for the Sanctuary of Praise and Worship International under Pastor Maggii Nosirrah until February 2006.  Now he is an active member of New Covenant Church of Philadelphia under Bishop C. Milton Grannam and Pastor Hyacinth Bobb Grannam.
    James’ interest in strength training and conditioning began when he was a member of the Roxborough High School football and basketball teams in Philadelphia, PA where he received honors in both sports. Even then, he had the desire to be the best, so he began working out with fitness trainers Kenny Osborne and Bernice Thornton, owners and operators of The Fitness Place.
    Then, in his freshman year at Virginia Union University, James trained with the late Paul Jones, the world renowned strength trainer and personal trainer for athletes and actors, and the owner of The Iron House Gym in Richmond, VA.  At this time, James received his first certification as a Personal Trainer from the International Sports Science Association (ISSA).
    Combining his love for people and his love for exercise, James got a full time position as a Personal Trainer for Bally Total Fitness in 2003 where he became one of the top trainers in the area. There, he also gained experience as a group fitness instructor, and has won accolades for his professionalism, his people skills, his knowledge of anatomy, his guidance in nutrition, and his success with clients as they pursued their individual goals.
    Besides being a Personal Trainer, James is also qualified to teach strength training, core conditioning, boot camp, BOSU, kick boxing, Allegro Pilates Reformer, stretch training, nutrition, and weight loss strategies.
    As a Personal Trainer, James has worked with radio celebrities such as Power 99's Q Deezy, S Dot and Lady B along with 100.3 the Beat’s, Monie Love, Pooch Man and Laiya.
    In the 2006 year James had radio interviews on Power 99 and 100.3 The Beat.  He also had television interviews on Channel 6’s VISION about training the elderly, and on Channel 10.  In addition, he did an interview and photo shoot for Positive Thinking Magazine, and was an actor/football player in the movie INVINCIBLE with Mark Wahlberg and Greg Kinnear.
    Now the tree is ready to blossom.  James is combining his skills in the ministry, in athletics, in his love of people, in public relations, in his knowledge of fitness, and in his relationships with young people to lead the efforts to make CAMP a reality and help motivate young people to love the Lord, to fight the enemy of obesity, and to improve their lifestyles.   

Dawn L. Tyler (Vice President & Director of Dance Operations) is often referred to as “Aunt Dawn” by her younger students.   She has been a champion in the world of dance and a promoter of health, fitness and self-esteem for both children and adults. 
Mrs. Tyler holds a BFA in dance from the prestigious Adelphi University, Certification from the American Council of Exercise (ACE), and Certification from the American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI).  She has had extensive training and professional experience as an instructor, dancer, teacher, choreographer and director, and has performed and taught all over the country.  She has been an integral part of the fitness and performing arts industry for over 25 years.
Mrs. Tyler’s experience includes Regional Group Exercise Director for Bally Total Fitness, Artistic Director for the national touring group, Culture Shock-New York (youth outreach dance troupe). Instructor and Choreographer for the Philadelphia School of Dance Arts, Dancer and Choreographer with the music group “X Clan”, Choreographer for the TV Commercial 1-900-be a star, Choreographer for the “On A Mission Dance Troupe”. Dance Instructor for the Cheeks Children Center, Assistant Director of Sharon’s Dance Theater, Guest Choreographer for Delta Sigma Theta’s Inc. Jabber wok Pageant, American Safety and Health Institute Instructor Trainer for First Aid and CPR, and certified Personal Trainer.
She has studied ballet, modern dance, jazz, tap, movement and theater from some of the most notable mentors in the industry. Mrs. Tyler’s list includes, Joan Meyers Brown (Philandanco), Sarah Conway, James Truitte, Denise Jefferson, Delores Brown Ableson, Marion Cuyjet, Norman Walker, Rochelle Zide-Booth, Dr. Pearl Primus, Vincent Wineglass, Celia Marino, Miguel Gordeau, Patricia S. Hobbs (Freedom Theater). In addition, she has trained with Nat Horne, Bernard Johnson, Robert Christopher, Regina Larkin, Carol Kelly, Althea Leslie, Milton Meyers, Penny Frank, Jose Mier, Dr. Glory Scott, John E. Allen (Freedom Theater), Mary Sherrill, Pat Lorde, Louis Johnson (The Wiz) and Al Perryman.
She has performed with The Optima Entertainment Showcase, The National Black Expo, Freedom Theater, Creative and Performing Arts, Philadanco, Adelphi Dance Theater, Culture Shock-New York, Jack LaLanne Jazz Dancers, X-Clan, East Coast Alliance Fitness Expo and many more.  Some of her TV appearances include Good Day New York where she advocated fitness, exercise, and Unison TV. 
Mrs. Tyler has received many awards and honors including scholarships to the Adelphi University, The Pennsylvania Governor’s School for the Arts and Alvin Ailey Dance Theater.  She has also received awards from the Police Athletic League, Huntingdon Street Music, The NAACP, Unity Fest, and Adelphi University Performing Arts. In addition, she has been honored with countless awards and accolades from Bally Total Fitness including a feature story in their 1997 Instructor News publication where she spoke of the dangers in children’s health resulting from inactivity and society’s obligation to promote good physical fitness while they are young.
Mrs. Tyler is currently serving as a Group Exercise Director and personal trainer with Bally Total Fitness.  She is experienced in numerous fitness formats including Pilates, dance fitness and BOSU, as well as traditional fitness formats such as step, high/low impact aerobics and weight training.  She is also a ballet, jazz and hip-hop instructor for the Philadelphia School of Dance Arts, and was Dance Instructor for the New Covenant Church and guest choreographer for Sharon’s Dance Theater. She is also a member of the New Covenant Church and the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.
Indeed Mrs. Tyler is not only an advocate for physical fitness but she has also placed bold emphasis on good manners modesty, respectability, self-discipline and leadership, which is evidenced, in her instructional classes involving children.  Her professionalism also dictates that she know the value of hard work and perseverance.